Amateur Radio Training and Licencing Information (updated January 06, 2017)

The Campbell River Amateur Radio Society offers an amateur radio training course to the public. The course aims to teach all of the necessary operating regulations and technical knowledge necessary to obtain an Industry Canada issued Amateur Radio Certificate. A basic training course workbook is now available in PDF format and can be downloaded to view HERE. There are two separate cover sheets also available for downloading, with front cover HERE and back cover HERE. These cover sheets are intended to slip into the front and back outside transparent pockets of a three ring binder. Printed copies of the workbook are included in course fees and will be handed out at the first class.   If you have printed out a copy of the workbook before enrolling in a course the fee will be reduced by $10.


Application Form         Basic Amateur Radio Course       Campbell River 2017

The instructors are members of the Campbell River Amateur Radio Society:  Frank Wallace, Juan Monico, Erik Skovgaard.                            

Questions? call 250-285-2297. This course will run all day on four consecutive Saturdays at the Search & Rescue Building, Larwood St, Willow Point  ( behind Firehall #2),  commencing Sat. 28 Jan 2017. Morning sessions will be from 09:40 to 12:40  and afternoon sessions from 1:30 to 4:30. The afternoon sessions are continuations of the morning sessions.
Fee is $60 payable at the first session by cash or cheque and includes the workbook which will be used for home study.  Free tea or coffee will be available at lunchtime so students may wish to bring a packed lunch.
There will be a 100 question multiple choice exam at the end of the course or individual exams can be arranged at some other time. Basic pass mark is 70% but 80% gives access to world-wide bands. Qualified Amateur Radio operators have widespread privileges in the use of the radio spectrum so the course is quite technical and covers the regulations (25%), basic electrical and electronic theory and components, theory and layout of transmitter & receivers, radio wave propagation, antenna types,  safety precautions and operating procedures.
Considerable home study is necessary in addition to the classroom work and access to a home Windows computer is an advantage though a Mac can run the sample exam program with use of an extra program.  Students should bring a flash (thumb) drive or laptop to copy the home study program.
For an application form please email .

Listing of other available ham radio training courses in Canada can be found on the RAC web site HERE.

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